Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Jordan On Jordan

Being a coach, I obviously gravitated towards a sports oriented podcast. The sample that I listened to was "Michael Jordan -In His Own Words" which discussed his legacy, contributions, and place in basketball history. Jordan listed other contemporaries and past players who paved the way, and who will in the future, be known as "legends." Jordan makes the case that others will be superstars, but none will have the impact or history that HE brought to the NBA. There will NEVER be another Micheal Jordan...OR will there?
Coach Parsons


Dragon's Dolphin said...

Another Jordan? Well, there have been many that swore that they were as good or better than he was/is. Will they have the intelligence to invest his money instead of spending every last dime? Will they have the ability to sell themselves to the commercial markets? Will they be able to have the draw of both sports and non-sports fan? Will there ever be someone that appeals to youth and adults like Jordan? I doubt it. Will there ever be anyone with the talent he has? I'm sure there will be someone that will have the talent he has. Will he have the genteel, gentlemanly attitude as opposed to the AH attitudes of several of the "great" (or wish they were great) athletes--that includes those of any race or nationality.

Kicking and Screaming said...

And what about them shoes?

A true superstar - reminds me of myself - shy, innocent, unassuming, gentle, chef.......