Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Clogging vs. Blogging

Well, I took clogging for 4 years and taught it for one year. If you don't know what clogging is: it is a faster, more "athletic," upgrade of tap dancing. Very cool! Got third place at the MS State Fair when I was eleven in the "Freestyle" category...now you know!

Now blogging, not so much a fan of- Love to text message, love to Instant Message, and love
e-mails....this, not so much. I just think there are easier, faster ways to find out information that you want to know about.

My explanation for the comparison of the two: SIMPLE - Clogging is the only word I could think of that rhymes with Blogging! There you have it ladies and gentleman...and good night!
Coach Parsons


Susan Williams said...

For me blogging is a little less painless than clogging...Be encouraged - Great job!

Dragon's Dolphin said...

I agree with SW, blogging is less painful than clogging. I've tried tap--I was never going to get it--let alone having to pick up the speed to make it clogging. I'm much better at blogging.
"You done good", so stop worrying. Now we get to go on to the next step on the technology ladder. This will be a step I know nothing about!

Cathy Gilreath said...

Even though I am facilitating this online course, I am a newcomer myself with blogging- Looks good!
I think that I like text messaging better than blogging also- maybe it is an acquired taste that will grow on us-